Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Action Movie Creator FX v2.5 [Unlocked]

Action Movie Creator FX v2.5 [Unlocked]
Action Movie Creator FX v2.5 [Unlocked]
Requirements: Android OS 3.0 +
Overview: Create fantastic action movies with "Action Movie FX Creator".
Choose from a variety of Hollywood effects.
"PC World" has tested this app and rated very highly.
Comment App: No action film is without explosions. Action Movie FX Creator make explosion in your videos !
Just take a video, then add an FX effect and create an impressive video that you can share instantly with your friends and the whole world.
22 available effects:
* Aircraft Attack
* Aircraft Crash
* UFO Attack
* Drone
* Dino Attack
* Rocket Louncher
* Alien Attack
* Container Crash
* Robot Drohne
* RC Dynamite
* Meteor Impact
* Helicopter crash
* Helicopter Attack
* Gunship attack
* Hand Grenade
* Dynamite
* Airstrike
* Battle Tank
* Barrels Explosion
* Anchor
* bombing
* Dragonfire
"This app needs a lot of computing power! We can´t support all device and mods, so please try the app and contact us with crashes to improve the app rather than rating us badly."
Please e-mail service@action-movie-creator.com with support questions!
Idee, Design and Effects by "Riko Best" http://www.bestgreenscreen.de
App development by http://AppPlusMobile.info
Action Movie Creator FX v2.5 [Unlocked]

* All effects unlocked

Install Notes:
1. Download and install Action Movie FX Creator from Google Play link below.
2. Go to /Android/obb/ and rename 'com.bestgreenscreen.actionmoviecreaterfx' to something else (Notice it's spelled creater not creator)
3. Uninstall Action Movie FX Creator
4. Install release apk
5. Restore folder name to 'com.bestgreenscreen.actionmoviecreaterfx'
6. Launch apk
7. Enjoy!

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