Sunday, 26 April 2015

Minecraft - Pocket Edition v.0.11.0 Build 7 Mod [immortality]

Minecraft - Pocket Edition apkmania
Minecraft - Pocket Edition v.0.11.0 Build 7 Mod
Requirements: 3.0+
Overview: Minecraft is about placing blocks to build things and going on adventures!
Pocket Edition includes randomly generated worlds, multiplayer over a local Wi-Fi network,
and Survival and Creative modes. You can craft and create with your friends anywhere in
the world so long as you have hands spare and battery to burn.
Our most recent update added the iconic Creepers. They’re big, green, mean and explody.
But it’s just one of many. Since Minecraft — Pocket Edition first appeared, we’re continuing to add loads of new features, including...
- Food! Now you can cook and go hungry
- Swords! Bows! TNT!
- Chests
- Skeletons
- Spiders
- Beds
- Paintings
- Lots more!
But enough sales talk! Download it already! And have fun!
What's New
0.10 - Prettier, faster, less buggier
We’ve improved the graphics, increased performance, and killed off heaps of bugs in
one massive update. We’ve also stopped baby animals from sinking when
they try to swim because that’s just mean. Update and have fun!
- Loads of bug fixes!
- More watery-looking water
- Foggier-looking fog
- Even more particles than before
- Tinted lighting on terrain and mobs
- Improved performance on many devices
- More fences! More fence gates! Everyone loves fences
Minecraft - Pocket Edition v.0.11.0 Build 7 Mod
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