Monday, 29 June 2015

Cipher Decoder - Cipher Solver v1.0

Cipher Decoder - Cipher Solver v1.0
Cipher Decoder - Cipher Solver v1.0
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Cipher Decoder - Cipher Solver v1.0
Since ancient times the use of confidential letter was very popular, confidential letter provides confidential nature to contact, communication and exchange with each other tight ...
Over the centuries humans have created thousands of confidential different letter from simple to complex.
They use everything they can think that would be a confidential letter unknown as images, water, fire, light ... when you want to send a message something to someone to make that information This message recipient is the only person reading it.
Today password or encrypted mail, referring stocks lifted by higher technology and more complex with a variety of language and mathematical codes, arithmetic, color code ... so the solution becomes the secret message more difficult but also more interesting.
Applications "Cipher Decoder - Cipher Solver" will help you do not need to know the password can create very interesting letter secret passage in less than 1 second. We support these types of encryption:
- ASCII cipher (Change content of a standard code ascii letters)
- Binary cipher (Jump into binary code)
- Caesar cipher (Swap simple words)
- Hexadecimal cipher (Jump into hexadecimal code generation 16))
- Rearrange words cipher (Reverse text from beginning to end)
- Vigennere cipher(Swap the word complex, difficult to detect than text caesar)
- Rearrange words cipher (Change the order of words)
- Atbash cipher (Swap words)
- Affine cipher (Swap words)
- Letter Number cipher (Switch the number of characters)
- Morse cipher (Using a standardized sequence of elements of short-term and to perform content)
Function Translate - bile mail if you know which type of encryption that uses confidential letter, with features shared via facebook, email ... promise this will be the interesting conversations that only you and people new to understand.
Function Mycodes - Save the confidential letter that has been initialized

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