Wednesday, 3 June 2015

LINE 旅遊大亨 v1.1.0

LINE 旅遊大亨 apkmania
LINE 旅遊大亨 v1.1.0
Requirements: Android 2.3.3+
LINE 旅遊大亨 v1.1.0
This is a game for all ages, just throw the dice, you can start a surprise adventure!
How long did you have with your family or friends to play with the game? Remember when we gather together to enjoy the game happy?
Through each dice flying, derive tremendous excitement and fun.
If you want to become the world's richest man, will strive to beat rival it!
- Around the world, advancing space
In the course of the game, in addition to various well-known attractions around the world, you can also interstellar battle!
- Use strategies to snatch resources
Unlike puzzle game with dice every role offers different advantages, the right strategy and preparation is the key to victory.
- Diversification role, in line with the needs of each individual
Dennis prankster, lovely clever Yana Qi, beautiful Lena Carter and baseball star Hernandez and so many players in here waiting to assist you to become the world's richest man.
- A card in hand, the world I have
An opportunity for each card, are likely to reverse the war.
You can spread the plague in the enemy's cities, the land value against lower prices or forcing your opponent to the property is transferred to you.
A variety of opportunities for card waiting for you to discover!
- And friends set up the team together for the dream fight
Travel is always a bit of a lonely man, to share with friends, go forward together and allow the journey full of memories!
In the game you can team up with friends to fight together for the dream to throw dice it.
Are you ready? All the treasures are waiting for you in front of a fast adventure with your friends!
* According to game software hierarchical management approach, this software for the protection level, six more people before it may be used.
What's New
Newly system / content
◦ Adventure Map
◦ lucky props Points System
◦ 5 with props lucky draw
◦ card security re-synthesis system
◦ card expansion slot and card placement lock
◦28 day attendance book system
◦Diamond Tickets
◦ game Mono purchase system
◦ map showing distances dice
◦ the ability to append
◦ buy game tickets improvement
• V48 modification section
◦ cards, lucky props illustrations improve
Jump directly compensate ◦ Cube interface to mail

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