Thursday, 9 July 2015

Neon Shadow v1.34 (Mod Ammo/Health)

Neon Shadow v1.34 (Mod Ammo/Health)
Neon Shadow v1.34 (Mod Ammo/Health)
Requirements: 2.2 +
Overview: Neon Shadow is a fast paced Cyber Punk FPS inspired by classic shooters.

Your mission: Save humanity from the dark mechanoids who have taken control of your space station and soon the rest of the galaxy!
- Old school first person shooter game-play.
- Single player campaign.
- Online multiplayer death-match mode.
- LAN multiplayer death-match.
- Cyber Punk soundtrack from Abducted by Sharks.
On tablets:
- 2 player split screen on one device: co-op campaign and death-match modes.
When playing with a controller: (i.e. OUYA or Android + controller setup)
- Support for multiple control layouts: South paw and legacy
On Android:
- Online multiplayer with Google Play Game Services
- Controller support for Moga Pro Mode B.
- Controller support for Game Stop Red Samurai
What's in this version :
- Bug fixes
- Going free and ad supported!
- If you paid for the original, the game will check for a save game on your device in order NOT to show you ads.

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