Wednesday, 1 July 2015

TrackView Camera Pro v1.1.9-sp

TrackView Camera Pro v1.1.9-sp
TrackView Camera Pro v1.1.9-sp
Requirements: 4.0 and up
Overview: This app is the sender-only version of TrackView with premium features, a dedicated icon and no Ads, no push notifications, no status messages

The app is locked and you must enter a password to enter the app. This sender-only version is compatible with all TrackView apps for Android, for Windows PC and for iOS. You can use these free apps to monitor and track this sender-only app.
Please only buy this app after you have tested our free apps. If you are not satisfied with our free apps, you should not buy this version. We do not process refund, as you have already installed our app and it can not be returned.
The license for this app is 1-year after you install this app. If you want to use this app after 1-year, you need to buy the license again.
Why Sender only?
When your phone is lost, you don't need to worry about the thief could monitor you.
Why a dedicated icon?
A dedicated, different icon from the free version of TrackView will not be easily identified by the thief, and uninstall the app.
Why lock the app with a password?
This is to protect your privacy even further. No one can enter your app without your password.
Other reasons why you should buy this premium version?
There is no Ads, no push notifications, no Status messages to bother you. You will also have a dedicated support windows for premium support. Besides, you have also supported our development to improve our products. Without your support, we won't be able to continue our development.
All users are requested to install the free version of TrackView to test the functionality and the experience. Please only buy the premium version, if you are satisfied. Please note that this app needs a reasonable internet connection to work. You wireless service providers may or may not have a good coverage in all areas of the country, it is expected that the connectivity will not be 100% reliable. If you have any issues, please do test your internet connection.

This app has no advertisements

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