Monday, 10 August 2015

Dragon Forces AR v0.5

Dragon Forces AR v0.5
Dragon Forces AR v0.5
Requirements: 4.3 +
Overview: This game proposes an innovative, different, augmented reality tower defense battle.
Dragon Forces AR v0.5
Move the 6 different weapon multi-target boxes to create ingenious real time defense strategies and keep your castles away from dragon extermination.
The 3D geometry of multi-targets will allow you to move the weapons around the world and experience
a new way of game interaction with an incredible environment that includes 3D worlds, characters and animations. There are four different levels with increasing difficulty. Each level has a main castle to defend, place the castle multi-target box and point it with the mobile’s camera, the 3D world will appear. Different dragons will start to walk or fly, heading towards the castle to attack it.
To defend your castle, use the other 5 multi-target boxes which represent a weapon you may use to shoot the enemies. Unlike other tower defense games, this one allows you to move your weapons any way you like and create defense strategies depending on how much dragons are attacking. This new game-play creates an innovative, challenging augmented reality experience.

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