Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Widget Pager Pro v1.0.3

Widget Pager Pro v1.0.3
Widget Pager Pro v1.0.3
Requirements: Android 4.0+
Widget Pager Pro v1.0.3
Create widgets on your lock screen!
As good as Widget Pager was, Widget Pager Pro has even more features!
Ever wish to quickly look at the weather without unlocking your phone? Wanted to use a calculator without unlocking your device?
Need quick access to a flashlight but hate unlocking your phone every time?
Widget Pager Pro will allow you to create an icon on your lock screen, when you tap this icon, you are presented with a page of pre-configured widgets that you, the user, already configured inside the main app.
Some features of Widget Pager Pro:
- Ad removal
- Set custom sizes for each widget
- Make a widget "zoomable", this allows for a full screen widget without hogging the entire page.
- Shrink or enlarge widgets that won't stretch to the size you determined
- Unlimited amount of widgets on each page
- Unlimited amount of pages
What's New
- Fixed reported crashes
- Removed constant reminder of how to use the app when viewing widgets (sorry meant for that to be a one time thing, forgot to reset it after testing)
Hopefully no more crashes!

More Info:
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